JULY 6-8TH, 2022

One Ocean. One Climate. One Future:
Our collective pathway to COP27 - centering Caribbean Youth in Climate Action

During COP26, The Bahamas made a compelling appeal to world leaders to concretize and implement the necessary policy changes required for the survival of Small Island Developing States such as The Bahamas. Following this global call for action, The Bahamas reaffirmed its interest in hosting a Regional Youth Conference on Climate Change. This event will support The Bahamas’ position on the need for climate action and will allow Bahamians to interact with their international peers around the region to discuss issues surrounding climate change and particularly those issues that plague at risk nations. The event will be the first regional English-speaking climate change Conference of Youth and the first of its kind to be hosted by The Bahamas. Moreover, the event will highlight The Bahamas’ leadership in the meaningful engagement and inclusion of young people in international climate diplomacy; and will embody the Government’s progressive youth empowerment agenda.

Purpose of the Youth Conference
  1. Empower and sensitize Bahamian and regional youth on the issue of climate change with a Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) focus.
  2. Allow for national capacity building which would expose and train young Bahamians on climate change issues including elements which contribute to The Bahamas’ vulnerability to global warming.
  3. Expose Bahamian youth to key regional climate change concerns such as the issue of loss and damage, raising ambition to limit warming to 1.5°C, and climate finance.
  4. Build a network for Bahamian youth with regional and international climate activists, ambassadors, and negotiators.
  5. Highlight national and regional climate change youth ambassadors.
  6. Give Bahamian youth direct access to key government officials, international scientists, and other climate change leaders.
  7. Prepare Bahamian youth for participation in COP27 and future Conference of Parties to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
Expected Outcomes
  1. Bring global attention to The Bahamas and its vulnerability to climate change.
  2. Draw attention to the Small Island Sustainability Programme within the University of The Bahamas (UB) and UB in general.
  3. Elevate national issues relative to climate change, climate risk and justice.
  4. Educate the nation on matters of climate finance, loss and damage and health.
  5. Embody the Government’s progressive youth empowerment agenda.
  6. Expose local youth to their international peers and inspire the next generation of climate and environmental activists, negotiators, and regional leaders.
  7. Enhance capacity of The Bahamas’ youth delegation at COP27 and other UNFCCC related meetings.
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Participate in the first regional English-speaking climate change Conference of Youth and the first of its kind event to be hosted by The Bahamas.

Enter for your chance to add your voice and make an impact on the world stage at COP27, scheduled for November 7-18, 2022 in  Egypt.

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